What We Believe

Here are a few beliefs our church is founded on. You don’t have to believe these to come, but this is our heartbeat!

 We Believe

* There is one God – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
* The Bible contains all the truth that we need to succeed at work, in our families, in our relationships, and in anything else we encounter in life.
* Everyone is born with a natural inclination to sin.
* Whoever believes in Jesus Christ and seeks forgiveness of sin will have eternal life.
* Effective life change begins when we follow Jesus Christ.
* God gives every person gifts, abilities, and experiences that can be used to help others.
* God empowers us to live a life that is becoming increasingly more like Jesus Christ.

 We Value

* Worship – Worship is a lifestyle, not just a church service!
* Spiritual Growth – Discipleship is to become more like Jesus.
* The Application of Scripture – Teaching is for life change.
* Growth Groups – We need to grow larger and smaller at the same time.
* Service – There is a place for everyone to volunteer on a ministry team.
* Relevance – We change methods, but never the message.
* Families – While all families are different, all families can be strengthened.
* Hospitality – We are a family expecting guests.
* Invest & Invite – Every person matters to God.

Akron Campus

6 Scotland Rd. Akron NY 14001
The Five Corners

Join us this Sunday in our inaugural location at 9 and 10:30 am; home to our Pastor’s offices, our largest sanctuary and a wide-open parking area. The home of what once was Akron Free Methodist Church.

Medina Campus

208 Ann St. Medina NY 14103
Previously Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Step-on in to our most recent campus at 10am for a more urban yet humble worship experience. Expect notes of history, close camaraderie and of course, complimentary coffee and donuts.

Join Us on Sunday

Thinking about stopping in to Akron or Medina?