A leader who reproduces other leaders multiplies their influence

John C. Maxwell

Meet the Staff

While we know this appointed group as “staff” at One Church, we also believe (wholeheartedly) that there’s a leader in all of us. It’s measure is simply in how your growth is exercised, honed, further developed and acknowledged.

Interested in working with us?

Rick Rouse

Lead Pastor


Creating a church culture where people can flourish

Brian Hahn

Executive Pastor


To lead others to be led by Jesus and to communicate, protect, and champion the mission and vision of One Church

Kevin Weigel

Site Pastor, Medina


Bring focus, direction and continuity to the Medina Campus of One Church, so that our community has a place to learn about Jesus Christ in a practical and relevant manner

Ricky Hoover

Ricky Hoover

Worship Director


To create an engaging and comfortable environment for transparent and open-hearted worship

Andy Peters

Next Generation Pastor – Central Production Director – Medina


To walk with students on their journey in finding Jesus, knowing Jesus, and loving Jesus

Pam Roesch

Lead Administrator


To assist the pastors, staff, and ministry teams to fulfill One Church’s mission. And to keep Rick’s path clear of non-essential tasks and decisions so he can do what only he can do

Beth Cray

Children's Director, Akron


Cast vision and lead teams to grow children’s faith and reach to support families in the community.

Bethany Peters

Children's Director, Medina


Creating an environment where kids can feel safe, loved, and accepted while planting a seed of faith in their hearts

Jake Meyer

Production Director, Akron


To support those on stage and give them what they need to help create an inviting and memorable service of worshipping God

Liz Bailey

Creative Director


Promotion, support and documentation of the Sunday worship experience to awaken creative curiosity in growing closer to the Holy Spirit

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When Christians Get It Wrong

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Ruth: An Example of Friendship

Ruth: An Example of Friendship

Coming out of a year-long social “turbulence,” it will be evermore important to build relationships that last—specifically friendships! What does it take to create, repair and strengthen our bonds? In this example of Ruth, we have the opportunity to be more like Jesus in every relationship we find ourselves.

Deborah: An Example of Courage

Deborah: An Example of Courage

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