Planting seeds of faith, hope and love in the hearts of children
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Loved & Safe

In a race to win a childs heart, we believe the first one to get there, wins—and we pray, that’s Jesus Christ. And by His grace, we strive to plant seeds of faith, hope and love in the heart of each child.


Encouraged & Connected

Our programs are designed for students to grow together in Christ alongside community members of their age. Our goal is that they learn how to work with one another and experience the diversity of God.

Challenged to Learn

Every week, practical life applications for are taught among the basics of the Christian bible. Some activities we use to do so are through structured games, engaging video, crafts and reading. 


Akron Campus


Medina Campus

Two little girls chat with each other at church

Sharing the Bible can be fun!

For kids spirituality, faith and the story of Jesus can easily seem daunting and sometimes scary! But being together with friends and family in the local church can ease the tension of a big idea like God. Join the community in either Akron or Medina.

Connect with your child spiritually

Some of the most difficult lessons to teach are that on faith, belief and hope. It’s our mission to help you share conversation and deeper-level thinking about Jesus Christ with your sons and daughters. 

Mom reads bible to daughter

Join the Team

Do you have a heart for kids? Want to get involved by helping teach bible basics to the children of our communities? We’d love to have you as often as you can! 

Lady sits with young child playing with toys