For students learning virtually and busy, work-from-home parents.

We’re offering you a place for your kids to sit alongside classmates in a safe and socially distanced way for those in grades 1–6 on their virtual learning days. A source of high-speed WiFi, a place for students to remember they’re not alone, a moment for them to stay on task and a chance for you to focus on what you need (even just for a few hours). 

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Young lady with mask on works at computer

Why is this available?

Our Akron children’s director, Beth Cray is a teacher herself! She saw a need quickly and gathered the One Church team to collaborate in finding a solution. It was decided that our physical building could be a source of community for students and respite for working parents that  is surely missing in our current “normal.” We’re all in this monumental transition together and hope that this program can be a source of relief. 

The Details

THIS PROGRAM IS OF NO COST TO STUDENTS! We’ve received local funding and support so that this program can be made completely free.

In order to maintain safety and adhere to current NYS health guidelines temperature checks and masks will be required upon entering the building. 

One Church, Akron

Open to any working families in the area that have enrolled their students in a learn-from-home model.

Grades 1–6

If your child is studying online between first grade and sixth, we invite them for an opportunity to focus.


Currently, 8:00a – 11:00a

Get in the rhythm of a schedule again:
For the first semester of studies, we’ll be meeting every morning, Monday–Friday.

*Check back for new time changes

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