This is beyond us and our church – this is for His Kingdom.

Are you equipped with the knowledge and skills that meet the demands of the modern church environment? Let us help you!

With less than 20% of Americans walking through church doors every Sunday, what are we doing to encourage growth?

Thanks for joining us in our mission to grow and educate leaders; being yourself and your colleagues. This initiative has been made possible by Genesis; the Conference of the Free Methodist Church.

Until April 2019, we’re getting in-depth on growth, culture and intentionality.

Other topics will include: How to handle conflict, Assessment, Breaking growth barriers, Training coaches who lead groups in close proximity of churches, Soul care, Ongoing ways to improve ministry skills

Updated Calendar of Events – Secure these Thursday dates!

Feb. 28th
Church Leadership

12:30 – 4:30

Topics covered:
• Soul Care
• Four Systems – Worship, Assimilation, Ministry and Evangelism

Mar. 14th
Q+A / Check-In

More specific times will be emailed directly to each individual

Apr. 11th
Strategic Leadership

12:30 – 4:30

• Developing Teams
• Inspiring Leaders

The Vision

To equip church leaders with the knowledge and skills that meet the demands of the modern church environment.

The Mission

To provide ongoing opportunities for personal leadership growth with focus on information, inspiration & accountability.


Topics covered: What is leadership?, Turn-around Strategy and Leading Change

Session 1

What is Leadership?

Session 2

Turn-Around Strategy

Session 3

Leading Change

Elevate Leadership Summit 2018 | RECAP

In addition to our three keynote speakers, we provided three other presentations that gave you a glimpse at the kind of things that will aid in your leadership journey. Catch-up on what you missed, review what you learned or share with a team member, the content from Leadership Summit this past September 13th, 2018.

Revive to Thrive

Presented by Pastor Rick Rouse | Lead Pastor

Leading When You’re Not in Charge

Presented by Brian Hahn | Executive Pastor

Is leadership even possible if you are not in charge? How are we supposed to lead while serving our senior leader’s vision? Whether you are a number 2, in a support role, or a senior leader who wants to understand your staff better, we’ll talk about ways we can lead-up in our roles, even when we aren’t in charge.

Winning Sundays Begins on Mondays

Presented by Dan Swain | Worship Director

The word “worship” is more than the praises we sing – it’s the entire experience visitors receive in order to set their hearts on Jesus. It’s the impact we make before guests arrive, while we’re together and after they leave. Sundays involve more than a simple hymn; this day deserves time and coordinated preparation.

Back to Genesis

Presented by Pam Braman | Genesis Conference Superintendent

Building Trust Through Branding

Presented by Liz Bailey | Creative Team Lead

What is branding anyway? Isn’t that just a “big word” for a logo and a website? How does it have anything to do with church and better yet God!? In this session we’ll brush-up on why brand is important, the definition of brand itself and how it relates to your ministry every day.

Reengaging the Church through leadership

Presented by Pastor Rick Rouse | Lead Pastor

Servant Leadership in Selfish Times

Presented by Dr. Darren Treadway | Associate Professor of Organization and Human Resources in the School of Management at University at Buffalo

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