A place where students can know God, find freedom, discover purpose and make a difference
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Rise Above

There’s alot of noise out there. And the only way to “hear the music” is tuning in to our spiritual needs as a human; trusting the process and who it is that God made you to be. So we challenge you to RISE ABOVE the familiar chaos and become the person you’re meant to be.


Encouraged & Connected

It’s wildly important to us that everyone feels like they’re part of our church family. Students at NxtGen should leave feeling positive, hopeful and filled with love from our faithful community every time they gather.

Challenged to Learn

With continued teaching outside of Sunday morning, students meet in small groups after a weekly message to get real about real stuff. NxtGen is an opportunity to talk it out, ask questions and be open to getting and growing better.  

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NxtGen Weekly Gathering Details

Grades 5–8 Akron & Medina

Sunday Mornings at 10am

Grades 9-12 Akron

Wednesday Nights at 7pm

Grades 9-12 Medina

Monday Nights at 7pm

Snapchat Generation

Both different and so much alike.

We get it. Everyone is different—as in unique, unparalleled, quirky and inimitable. But when we grow together, we become 100% better than who we are alone.

Something more meaningful.

A place where students can know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference—to eventually become fully engaged followers of Jesus Christ.

Middle School Next Gen

Become a Leader

Interested in helping lead students to a new level of faith? It’s a challenge that’s totally worth it. But it takes time and trust. 

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