This series focuses specifically on the home and how we can cultivate God-centered relationships with our family. God has given us specific instructions on how we interact with those most special to us, and Pastor Levi shows us God’s targets for parenting, marriage, and more. Although you may have missed the mark in the past, now is the perfect time to draw your bow and aim for the bullseye.

Week 1: Bullseye

Pastor Brian (soon-to-be-dad) gives us instruction on how to properly shoot an arrow – and relates it back to how it might apply to parenting our kiddos. Let us know how this message “strikes you” on our facebook page or via email! 

Week 2: Set the Pace

 Memory Verse: “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven “ – Ecclesiastes 3:1

Week 3: Learn to live towards the target

How do we define success? What exactly is the bullseye? 

Week 4: Get your boots on 

Key Thought? Relationships take work. In this message Pastor Rick gets real about how our interactions with our loved ones really matter – how we can strengthen them and improve our methods. 

Week 5: Paint your House Red

Considered this: What if the most dangerous thing inside our homes is the thing we actually allowed  to come in through the front door? 

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