At the Movies 2018

Grab the popcorn, candy and nachos – sit back and kick-it up with us as we dive into the latest blockbusters and evaluate how they might relate to us biblically. We’ll draw out connections through characters, situations and general themes to give you something to consider. 

Week 1 – Avengers; Infinity Wars

Key Thought : Overcoming battles

Week 2 – Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Key Thought : A friend is one who comes in, when the whole world goes out.

Week 3 – Incredibles 2

Key Thought : What is our primary mission here on this earth?

Week 4 – Sgt. Stubby; An American Hero

Key Thought : We have nothing to fear but fear itself

Week 5 – I Can Only Imagine

Key Thought : Use your past to prepare for your future in order to live in the present.

Akron Campus
9 & 10:30am

6 Scotland Rd
Akron NY 14001

Medina Campus

208 Ann St
Medina NY 14103

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