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Whether you grew up attending or have never stepped foot in a church before, we do everything we can to ensure your Sunday worship experience is a good one. We believe that community has never been more important. So let’s gather. Meet up. Be One.
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We're gathering again


In order to maintain safety and respect the current procedures of New York State, please pre-register before Sunday to attend all upcoming worship events.

Online Church


Get a glimpse of what a typical Worship service looks like. Connect with a community of believers. Engage in the message and worship together online.





Coming up on the calendar:

The Learning Lab

Are you a working parent with children studying at home? We’re offering a socially distanced learning environment for students who’ve opted to learn online in, grades 1–6. We welcome you to register your students to study with us in the mornings this Fall semester.

Fall Semester Growth Groups

It’s been a long time since being together felt safe and “normal.” There may never be a better time to connect with a small group of faithful friends. Consider connecting at One Church this fall for our small spiritual gatherings throughout the week. 

Join a serve team!

Without eachother, One Church would not exist. There are so many ways to get involved. And sometimes time can be the limiting factor. We’d love to have you in whatever capacity you’re called to. Click here to explore the ways you can become part of the serve teams at One Church.

 Over 600 Smiles a Sunday.

We believe in community. And there’s no better way to gather than with a warm, freshly ground coffee or tea from Goodrich Coffee & Tea. (Extra sugar, too.) We like our environments to be buzzing with laughter, friendship and faithful conversation.

Modern. High Energy. Uplifting.

Whatever time you join us on Sunday, we want you to be on your feet and eager to enjoy the moment with our Creator. Following our team of over 30 gifted musicians, it’s hard not to participate.

Relevant. Applicable. Biblical.

Our pastors prepare a Christ-centered message weekly for you to take home and apply to your day-to-day. We believe you should leave every Sunday with a greater understanding of the Bible and ever growing ways to be more like Jesus.


Church designed with the unchurched in mind

We spend our efforts creating a place that everyone is comfortable sharing. Our worship services are designed to be engaging and inviting. The messages are easy to understand, relevant and practical. We are passionate for connecting real people with a real, living God.


To develop fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ

Not only our goal, but also the mission that Jesus gave His disciples when he walked this earth: to “go into the world and share the good news.” We hope to equip you with the knowledge, resources and spiritual energy to live out a faith centered life.

Welcome Home

We are passionate about local communities having a church to call home. Regardless of your past, or where you are right now you have the power to take hold of your future. Sundays are made for you to experience the goodness of a God that believes in love above all else.

Church designed with the unchurched in mind

Whether you’ve been attending church for years or have never stepped-foot in a church before, we are intentional about hosting; together, we are a family expecting guests; helping you feel welcome and right at home. So come as you are because you belong here!


6 Scotland Road


208 Ann Street

Tune-in from Anywhere

Life gets crazy…we get it. But we also understand how important your faith is! Catch-up on the weekly message for anything you missed or just gotta hear again.

One Church Worship

Wondering what to expect on a Sunday? Want to stay engaged with the music that inspires us throughout the week? Jump to our Worship page to find out more!

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