Welcome Home

We are passionate in making a church for all to call home.
Sundays at One Church are designed for anyone and
everyone to experience "the goodness of God"

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Our pastors prepare a Christ-centered message weekly for you to take home and apply to your day-to-day. We believe you should leave every Sunday with a greater understanding of the Bible and ever growing ways to be more like Jesus.

Worship is a lifestyle.

It's important to us that beyond Sunday service you have the tools and opportunity to build a faith-centered day-to-day. Knowledge is good, but applied knowledge is better. Our goal is to foster spaces that allow you to be uniquely you and the same version of yourself whether you're at church or outside of it. 

We're so glad you're here.

We believe in community. And there’s no better way to gather than with a warm coffee or tea in hand (extra sugar, too.) We strive for environments to be buzzing with joy, support and faithful conversation.


Circles are always better than rows. When we gather intentionally and regularly Jesus has the power to work through us in an entirely new capacity. Join us on Sundays, volunteer once a month or reachout for prayer—that's what we're here for, community.

Connect groups

Community is part of God's design for our lives. And building relationships doesn't stop on Sundays. So we honor that through Connect Groups. Beyond our weekly worship service, it is SO important for us to gather, make friends, grow deeper in faith and mostly, enjoy each other.


While we know this appointed group as “staff” at One Church, we also believe (wholeheartedly) that there’s a leader in all of us; it all depends on how that gift is exercised, honed, further developed and acknowledged.

church ministries

• Greeting/Service Team
• OneChurch Kids!
• NXTGEN | Jr. & Sr. High
• Worship Team
• Technology Team
• Prayer Team
• Building & Grounds Team
• Board of Directors

About Us

more about WHO WE ARE

Our Vision

A church designed with the unchurched in mind.

We work hard to create a place that is comfortable and welcoming to everyone. Each worship service is designed to be open, engaging and welcoming. This is not at the expense of the "churched." Our worship and messages are designed for the person who has been a Christian all their life but delivered in a way that someone who has never been in a church before can understand.
Our Mission

To know God and to make Him known.

This is that mission that Jesus gave His disciples when He walked this earth; "Go into the world and share the good news!” So we take that on as our mission too. It's important to our leaders that you leave church with greater knowledge, resources and/or spiritual energy to live out a faith centered life. We hope you feel supported and inspired to pursue a faithful God.