Sunday Mornings

Tucked within the rural corner of Western New York, we are proud to worship with some of the most talented musicians in our region. As a congregation, it is truly a blessing to sing-along with our diverse team of over 30 individuals–which changes weekly! Not only do they promote the Holy Spirit to move on Sundays, they rehearse every week to make your Worship experience a memorable one.


Experience the transformative power of worship as you come with an open heart expecting God to move, drawing closer to God in every moment.

present over perfect

There’s beauty in worship when we embrace being present over perfect; by surrendering our search to be made whole and finding peace in the presence of a God who loves us as we are.

easy to follow

Discover worship made easy to follow, where contemporary christian music is sung with heartfelt melodies and sincere prayers to help create a sanctuary of peace that only Jesus can provide.

Why we worship

We Worship because Jesus gave His human life on the cross. Because of unending mercies of our creator. Because of Grace. Because there’s a God who did that all for you. In fact, it’s the only thing we can give back to Him. Worship is a time for us to be a living sacrifice, a testament to what we feel in our hearts

Join the Worship Team

We're always looking for musicians who are on fire for Jesus!

Watch and Listen on YouTube 

In ministry, we believe in a shared knowledge.

If you have any questions related to your worship/production ministry; whether it’s equipment or software recommendations, observing a rehearsal, or any other general questions please reach out to us at

We don't have all the answers but we're more than to help in any way that we can!

Curated Worship Playlists

Get ready for Sunday and keep God's spirit moving all week long.  Simply search for "onechurchny" and follow one of our many  playlists.