What to Expect

Better Together

Community has been proven to be far more important to our health than we've ever given it credit for. And that's what we're after–health in our bodies, minds and spirit. So, we meet regularly on Sundays to be a source of energy for the entire community. To share, refuel, "pour-out" and get "filled" back up again. We share in each other's joys and grief to strengthen eachother.


High energy, modern and engaging – the stuff you hear on the radio. 3–4 songs that invite you into worship.

friendly folks

At the door, our greeting team will welcome you and invite you in. They can offer directions, answer questions or chat about life!

made for family

Sundays in the sanctuary are most applicable for adults and teens. For the rest of your family—newborns through 8th grade—we have kids programs that focus on teaching your kids about Jesus in a fun, safe, and age-appropriate way.

25-minute message

Our pastors prepare a Christ-centered message weekly for you to learn from. We believe you should leave every Sunday with a greater understanding of the Bible and ever growing ways to be more like Jesus.


Jeans and a flannel is our most beloved attire. But if you prefer to dress up, we'd be happy to pay you compliments.

1-hour service

We get it—the weeks can be long and the weekends so short. Our services are intentionally nuanced for optimal learning and engagement within an hour.

Every Sunday, we gather


Sundays are a consistent, weekly opportunity to connect with God and with others who are on a similar spiritual journey. Your never-ending chance to gather, learn, grow and start new. We are One Church in two locations: Akron and Medina, NY. Each campus has it's own feel, though are far more similar than different, so no matter where you attend you'll fit right in.

Akron Campus

Sundays at 8:30 & 10:00am
6 Scotland Road
Akron NY 14001
At the heart of Akron's "five corners," this community of believers is built of those from Pembroke, Alden, Newstead, Lockport, Basom and Clarence, NY.

Medina Campus

Sundays at 10:00am
120 Park Avenue

Medina NY 14103
At the corner of Park & West Avenues, this congregation draws in the communities of Medina, Albion, Middleport, Gasport and Lockport.

Meeting intentionally, in light of eternity. 

Are you in need of support and community? Your journey only begins on Sundays. But it grows stronger throughout the week. Take the next-step in faith by joining a growth group or a serve team. Both are avenues to meet new people and find true connection.